New pension fund is unknown

To maintain pension coverage, you can choose from the options listed below.

We can transfer your leaving benefits to

  • a restricted-access vested benefits account for leaving benefits at a bank
    It's up to you!
    The Pension Fund Swiss Re offers those leaving the company the option of having their leaving benefits transferred directly to a restricted-access  account at UBS vested benefit account. UBS offers you several ways of continuing to protect your pension fund assets, one of which is in the form of a mutual fund. UBS will contact you as soon as they have received your leaving benefits.
  • a restricted-access vested benefits account with anothr bank or a vested benefits policy with a life insurance company
    If you would rather have your leaving benefits transferred to another bank or a life insurance company, please send us the appropriate registration form from the institution of your choice.
  • the National Substitute Pension Plan
    The leaving benefits will be transferred the earliest after 6 month to the National Substitute Pension Plan. More information can be found here:  National Substitute Pension Plan.



If you have only paid saving contributions for a few months, your leaving benefits may be lower than your personal annual saving contributions. In this case, you can request a cash payment upon leaving.

Voluntary Continuation of the Insurance Relationship

Please note that it is possible for you to continue your employee benefits insurance (death, disability, retirement provision) with the Auffangeinrichtung BVG (Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution) after termination of the employment relationship. Further information can be found at


If you receive daily benefits from unemployment insurance, you are obliged to have insurance against death and disability with the Auffangeinrichtung BVG ( You should inquire with the Auffangeinrichtung BVG as to whether you can continue your retirement provision with them on a voluntary basis.