Voluntary buy-ins via QR iban

We are pleased to let you know that we have simplified the process for buying into the Pension Plan, Capital Plan or ER Account.
Now you can generate a QR payment slip (QR-Einzahlungsschein) in the MySwissRePension portal in MyHR for any buy-in you wish to make to either Plan or to the ER Account.

Here's how:

In MyHR, click on "Payroll & Benefits incl. Pension Fund", then click "Log-in to MySwissRePension". Next, select "Simulations".
In "Simulations", look up the simulation for the type of buy-in you wish to make – for example, a buy-in to the Capital Plan. The simulation shows you the maximum buy-in amount possible for the Plan you have selected. Enter the desired amount and value date of the buy-in, then click "Next".
Now you can print the QR payment slip and make the buy-in payment.
You can use this QR slip to make your buy-in via any of the following three payment options:
  • Via e-banking: Open your e-banking application. Scan the Swiss QR Code using a QR reader or a built-in camera, then click to make the payment.
  • Via mobile banking: Open your mobile banking app on your smartphone. Scan the Swiss QR Code using the QR reader feature, then make the payment with a tap of your finger.
  • Via post office or bank transfer: The QR slip works just like a conventional payment slip. You can use it to make the payment in-person at the post office counter, or you can place it in an envelope and send it to your bank with a payment order.
To repay withdrawals for the purchase of residential property (WEF) or equitable sharing of pension assets (pension equalisation) in divorce/dissolution rulings or insured's without access to "MySwissRePension", please email or call the Pension Fund Swiss Re on +41 43 285 62 00.

Please note that direct payments to a bank account now must include a QR IBAN or they will be declined by law.

Any buy-in payments for 2021 must be received by 30 November 2021 via the appropriate Pension Fund Swiss Re bank account. This will ensure that the amount is reflected on your confirmation statement for the tax authorities, allowing you to deduct it from your taxable income for the 2021 fiscal year. Any buy-ins to the Pension Plan, Capital Plan or ER Account received after 30 November 2021 will be declined and returned. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please be aware that as an active member of the Pension Fund Swiss Re you can make a maximum of three buy-ins per calendar year.

If you wish to make a buy-in payment, be sure to click the file attached to create a reminder in your Outlook calendar.

Yours sincerely,
Pension Fund Swiss Re

Detailed information:

Link to our bank details page

Please note that each Plan (including the ER Account) has a dedicated bank account associated with it and you need to specify the appropriate account.
Link for buy-ins to the Pension Plan
Link for buy-ins to the Capital Plan
Link for buy-ins to the ER Account
Important: You can only buy into the ER Account once you have reached the maximum retirement savings capital in the Pension Plan.

For further helpful information on Pension Fund buy-ins, see: Information_sheet_buy-ins_to_the_pension_fund

For a quick look at how the Pension Plan and the Capital Plan compare side-by-side, see: Comparison_Pension Plan vs Capital Plan