Retirement upon request of the affiliated company

In this situation, the provisional retirement pension is also based on the accrued retirement savings at the time of retirement and the conversion rate depending on your year of birth and the retirement age.

The affiliated company can, however, at its sole discretion, compensate any difference compared to the insured's projected pension at the age of 65 - based on the insured's last selected contribution category - by making a contribution to the insured's retirement savings based on actuarial assumptions.

Attention: When choosing a lump sum, tax consequences regarding the contribution of the employer are possible. Please clarify this with your local tax authority.

At the early retirement upon the request of the affiliated company a supplementary pension will be paid out until the start of the OASI pension.

Any outstanding mitigation credits will be fully credited to the insured person once on the last working day.

Supplementary pension

Active or partly disabled insureds who at the request of an affiliated company take early retirement and who do not yet receive an OASI pension will also receive a supplementary pension in the amount of the maximum OASI pension until the start of OASI benefits upon the attainment of statutory retirement age.

The effective amount of the supplementary pension is based on the individual predicted OASI pension. The insured must submit an application to the relevant compensation office for a pension to be calculated in advance and must provide this advance calculation to the Pension Fund Swiss Re. If an insured fails to fulfil their obligations to cooperate and to provide information, the entitlement to the supplementary pension will be suspended until all obligations have been met. Suspended payments will not be back paid.