Voting behaviour

The Pension Fund Swiss Re believes that exercising shareholder voting rights with environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in mind is fundamental to creating value over the longer term. By actively exercising its voting rights, the Pension Fund seeks to encourage companies to embrace sound, effective management practices and high sustainability standards.

Voting rights are consistently exercised in the interests of the insureds on all shares held directly by the Pension Fund Swiss Re in Swiss companies listed in Switzerland or abroad. In directly held equities in foreign companies, the Pension Fund's shareholder rights are exercised wherever legally and administratively possible.

Indirectly held shares in Swiss or foreign companies are voted in line with the voting guidelines of the relevant external asset manager in cases where the Pension Fund Swiss Re is granted a vote.

Since 2019, when all directly held Swiss equities and the global equities portfolio were transferred to passive equity funds with UBS, the voting rights associated with these assets have been exercised according to UBS voting guidelines.

To exercise voting rights, the Pension Fund Swiss Re may draw on the support of external proxy advisors.

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