About us

The Pension Fund Swiss Re is an institution that comes under Switzerland's so-called "second pillar" of occupational insurance. The fund's roots go back as far as 1919 when it was established as a foundation. It has since insured employees of Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd, Zurich and other employees of companies which are financially and economically close to it, against the risks of age, death and disability. The Pension Fund caters exclusively to insuring the occupational pension needs of employees of these affiliated companies - it cannot insure other persons.

The Pension Fund is registered with the Canton of Zurich supervisory authorities and acts as a so-called "enveloped" fund.

Today, the Pension Fund Swiss Re ranks as one of the most advanced pension plan institutions in Switzerland. It offers the insured superior benefits that are in keeping with our times. Together with the benefits provided under the statutory insurance plan (AHV), which makes up the "first" pillar in Switzerland's three pillar system, and any private provisions, otherwise known as the "third" pillar, the Swiss Re Pension Fund guarantees the insured financial security at retirement or in the case of an adverse event.

We would like to invite you to get to know your pension fund better and the people who are working for your benefit.