At start of self-employment in Switzerland, Insureds can request to have their leaving benefits paid in cash if they become self-employed.

In order to do so you must submit evidence of having become self-employed in the form of confirmation from the AHV or an excerpt from the commercial register. In addition to this you have to provide

  • lease contract of the future business rooms
  • business plan
  • eventual existing contracts with future clients
  • promotion materials.

The self-employment must be exercised as the main profession.

The federal tax authorities will be informed of the cash payment by the pension fund.

If your benefits are to be paid out in cash, your spouse will need to declare his or her agreement by signing your leaving form. Your spouse’s signature must be certified by a notary public or, he or she must identify himself or herself by means of an official identity document and, sign the form in the presence of an employee of the Pension Fund Swiss Re.

In the event of cash payment to unmarried insureds, proof of marital status is required.        

The leaving benefits will not include buy-ins to the Pension Fund made less than three years prior to your departure from the company.

If you do not wish a cash payment, you can maintain your pension coverage by transferring your leaving benefits to

Please send us your filled and signed form "Leaving the Pension Fund" as well as the form "Application for cas payment of leaving benefits upon exit" latest 4 weeks before you leave the company.

Form Leaving the Pension Fund

Form Application for cash payment of leaving benefits upon exit

Information sheet Leaving Swiss Re