Early retirement

You can choose to take early retirement from the age of 58. You can either take full early retirement (100%) or partial retirement (eg 20%).

In the event of partial retirement, full retirement must be achieved in two to three stages (see "Partial retirement").

The projected retirement pension is calculated based on the retirement savings in the Pension Plan and the ER account at the time of early retirement and the conversion rate valid at that point in time, in accordance with the insured's age of retirement and year of birth.

Start the simulation tool in MySwissrePension to calculate your projected retirement pension at various retirement ages. 

On voluntary early retirement, the savings capital in the Capital Plan or the value of the fund units, whichever is higher, automatically becomes due for payment.

If you take partial retirement your savings capital will be paid out according to the degree of retirement, the rest will remain in the Capital Plan until you take full retirement.

If part of the savings capital in the Pension Plan and ER Account is to be drawn as a lump sum on retirement, no more than two partial retirement stages are allowed, with the second stage representing full retirement.

Supplementary pension

In case of voluntary partial retirement, the supplementary pension must as a rule be financed by the insured. Transitional provisions continue to apply until 2020. Insureds can finance a supplementary pension by means of contributions to the ER account or by choosing a lifelong reduction of their retirement pension.

Transitional provisions regarding the supplementary pension

Insureds who take voluntary early retirement or partial retirement until 31. December 2020 are entitled to a supplementary pension financed by the affiliated company until they start receiving OASI benefits at the statutory retirement age in accordance with the following table:

The effective amount of the supplementary pension is based on the individual predicted OASI pension. The insured must submit an application to the relevant compensation office for a pension to be calculated in advance and must provide this advance calculation to the Pension Fund Swiss Re. If an insured fails to fulfil their obligations to cooperate and to provide information, the entitlement to the supplementary pension will be suspended until all obligations have been met. Suspended payments will not be back paid.