New entrants information

On your first day of work, you will receive a temporary pension benefits statement.

Please complete the "Questionnaire for new entrants" and send them to: Pension Fund Swiss Re / L124. E-mail:

The questionnaire will facilitate any future buy-in into the Pension Fund and the form is for the information we need to issue your Pension Fund documents.

Under the Swiss Occupational Pensions Act (BVG), you are required to transfer to us all existing vested benefits from your previous pension fund and any vested benefits accounts you may have with banks or insurers. You can inititate the transfer by sending the form "Transfer of leaving/vested benefits" to your previous pension fund.

Please transfer your vested benefits to the following account, taking care to include your name and AHV number:

Branch code ("BC-Clearing"): 230
Postal account ("PC-Konto") no: 80-2-2 
IBAN: CH30 0023 0230 3344 2302 Z

In favour of: Pensionskasse Schweizerische Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft (Swiss Re), Zurich

Please always indicate your name and first name as well as the insurance number.

You will receive your updated pension benefits statement as soon as your vested benefits have been transferred to us.