Pension benefit statement

Your personal pension benefits statement shows you the benefits included in your cover.

You can find all your documents on "MySwissRePension".

MySwissRePension is directly integrated in the "Payroll & Benefits" section of MyHR . This gives you convenient access to your data, documents and our improved simulation tool at any time. This allows you to run through various scenarios and calculate your possible pension benefits to the day.  In addition, you can generate your insurance certificate and your leaving statement to the exact day.

Your pension benefits statement shows you the contribution category and the corresponding amounts you and your employer are paying.

The statement also details the leaving benefits from the Pension Plan, the ER account and the Capital Plan. Moreover, it shows the projected retirement savings capital at age 58–65 with the corresponding projected retirement and survivors' pensions for the survivors' pension option selected.

The statement also shows your insured benefits from the Capital Plan, such as
  • Savings capital (earning interest and/or value of UBS AST2 EA – Kapital Plus 2019 units)


  • Risk capital payable from the Capital Plan in the event of death or disability

You can also find information on the maximum buy-in amount that is still possible for the Pension Plan, the ER account and the Capital Plan. In the below example you can find a detailed explanation of the pension benefits statement.


If you need a new pension benefit statement, please create one in MySwissRePension directly.