Pension Fund Swiss Re turns 100

The Pension Fund Swiss Re is stable and well positioned as it marks its centenary on 28 June 2019. Today taken for granted as a standard employment benefit, the Pension Fund was a pioneering innovation 100 years ago.

Over the course of these past 100 years, the Pension Fund has had to weather not only market turbulence, high inflation and now the continued low-interest rate policy, it has also had to keep up with relentless social change. Often, Swiss Re has made generous funding allocations to absorb some of the impact on the insureds of necessary risk mitigation measures such as reductions in the conversion rate and the technical interest rate.

As an insured member today, you enjoy extensive benefits and maximum flexibility to adjust your pension requirements to match your lifestyle.

The future will bring more change. Then as now, we remain fully committed to ensuring the stability of the Pension Fund Swiss Re and keeping the interests of the insureds front and centre, in everything we do.

The following publication 'The Pension Fund Swiss Re at 100' gives you a detailed overview of the 100-year history of the Pension Fund.

Pension Fund Swiss Re turns 100 Brochure