Buy in to Pension Fund Swiss Re

Dear Insureds

We would like to remind you that any personal buy-in into the Pension Fund (Pension Plan, Capital Plan, ER Account) must be received at by the appropriate bank account of the Pension Fund Swiss Re by 25 November 2019 at the latest. This will ensure that the amount is reflected on the confirmation statement for the tax authorities, allowing you to deduct it from your taxable income for the 2019 fiscal year. Late incoming payments for buy-ins to the Pension Plan, the Capital Plan or the ER-Account after 25th of November 2019 are not accepted and will be returned to the remitter. Kindly take note.

Link for buy-in into the Pension Plan:
Link for buy-in into the Capital Plan:
Link for buy-in into the ER-Account:

Please note: a purchase into the ER-Account can only be made if there is no longer any buy-in potential in the Pension Plan.

Since the employee saving accounts has been cancelled, you can only process your buy-in through your private bank account. Please inform us about the intended use (purchase into the Pension Plan, Capital Plan or ER-Account), as well as your first and last name and your insurance number (you can find this number on your batch) and ensure that the buy-in amount will be credited to our bank account no later than 25th November 2019.

Under following link you find all our bank details:

Please note that an individual bank account must be used for each plan.

The maximum possible buy-in amount can be found on the 3rd page of the pension benefits statement dated 1 April 2019 or later which was sent to you.

Maximum possible buy-in
  • To Pension Plan
  • To Capital Plan
  • To ER account for Retirement at 58 incl. bridging pension (only possible after full use of maximum possible buy-in to pension plan)

Please be aware that you are limited to no more than three buy-ins per year into the Pension Fund Swiss Re.

Best regards
Pension Fund Swiss Re